Audience: Adult

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Word Count: 72,000


Unemployed investigative journalist, Dakota Kilroy (28) is forced to move back from New York City to her hometown of Santa Monica, CA. She uses her new-found free time to broadcast her investigation of the disappearance of her childhood best friend, Maddy Montgomery in the form of a true crime podcast. Unbeknownst to her, the man responsible for Maddy's disappearance has been tuning into her show and is interfering with the investigation. Dakota must uncover the truth about what happened twelve years ago and bring this predator to light.


Dead Ringer

Audience: Young Adult

Genre: Dark Thriller

Word Count: 70,500


Nobody needs a fresh start more than Taylor Callahan (20), a small-time criminal whose drug dealer ex-boyfriend is out to get her. When Taylor accidentally causes the death of a sixteen-year-old girl who looks exactly like her, she does the only thing she can do to escape: she takes over the dead girl’s life.

Now, Taylor must navigate the ins and outs of living with the MacKenzies, the safe and loving suburban family of the dead girl. By using her street-smarts, fast-thinking, and the help of her best friend/partner in crime, Ivan, she works to keep her true identity a secret while fighting the demons of her past. Just as Taylor thinks she has made a new life for herself with the MacKenzies, she learns that this wholesome family hides a deadly secret.